Fatty acids-based membrane lipidomics: from chemical biology to molecular diagnostics

UNITE, April 18-19 2018



Dr. Chryssostomos Chatgilialoglu – Research Director – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bologna

Dr. Carla Ferreri – Senior Researcher – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, Bologna



April 18-19 2018








The seminar is an introduction to the field of lipidomics which is the discipline dedicated to lipids in living organisms with a dynamic approach, following the changes of structures and functions occurring during metabolism in health and disease conditions. The course will be dedicated to fatty acids, which are constitutive elements of the majority of lipids, first explaining their structures and functions and their importance as essential elements for the cells, from the formation of cell membranes to their transformations under different metabolic and stress conditions, together with the role of nutrition.

The seminar will cover the following topics:

  • structure and functions of lipids;
  • the reactivity of fatty acids under cellular stress and trans fatty acids developed as free radical biomarkers;
  • development of fatty acid-based membrane lipidomics;
  • membrane lipidomics as an integrated biomarker in molecular diagnostics.
April 18 - afternoon
  • Ferreri - The lipid classes and fatty acids as principal components: an overview of structures, functions and the main physiological /pathological roles.
  • Chatgilialoglu - Exogenous & Endogenous Trans Fatty Acids (Part 1).
April 19 - morning
  • Chatgilialoglu - Exogenous & Endogenous Trans Fatty Acids (Part 2).
  • Ferreri – Fatty acid-based membrane lipidomics: the concept of membrane remodeling applied to molecular diagnostics.




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