Kick-off meeting "Rep-Eat"

19th May, 2016 - University of Teramo - Teramo - Italy

Kick-off meeting  "Rep-Eat"
Kick-off meeting "Rep-Eat"



Institutional greetings

Luciano D’Amico, Rector of University of Teramo

Luciano D'Alfonso, President of the Abruzzo Region



9.20 a.m. - The Project governance

Giovanna Maracchia, Project manager Rep-Eat


9.35 a.m. – Call for application

Sergio Altitonante, University of Teramo


9.45 a.m. - Welcome office

Angela Di Giammarco, Foundation University of Teramo


9.55 a.m. – Project financial management

Miriam Tullii, University of Teramo


10.05 a.m. - Dissemination and communication strategy plan

Monia Alessandrini, University of Teramo


10.20 a.m. - Final Conclusion

Maria Orfeo, General Manager University of Teramo


10.30 a.m. - Coffee break



11.00 a.m. – Project presentation

Barbara Barboni, Rep-Eat Project Coordinator, University of Teramo


11.20 a.m. - WP FOOD

ESR1: Development of encapsulated olive oil and olive extracts as innovative natural and health 

food ingredient

Paola Pittia, University of Teramo


ESR2: Novel nanomaterial for lab on chip devices development: application to environmental 

stressors in food system and their effect on the oxidative stress in select cell.

Michele Del Carlo, University of Teramo


ESR7: Fermented foods, from microbes to functionality.

Aldo Corsetti, University of Teramo


11.40 a.m. - WP REP-FOOD

ESR3: Effect of dietary on mammalian spermatozoa membrane lipid remodeling

Nicola Bernabò, University of Teramo


ESR5: Effects of dietary exposure to ochratoxin A (OTA) mycotoxin below/around guidance values on embryo/fetal development and pregnancy success.

Alberto Contri, University of Teramo


ESR11: Food habits, life style, genetic background in tumour initiation and progression of reproductive system

Annamaria Cimini, University of L'Aquila


12.00 p.m. - WP EAT-FOOD

ESR4: The lipidomic analysis in the veterinary field: study of the cell membranes lipid profile in physiological and pathological conditions

Andrea Boari, University of Teramo


ESR9: Evaluation of the intestinal microbiome in obese pet owners and their obese pets

Alessandro Gramenzi, University of Teramo


ESR10: The SIRT1 activator resveratrol in the treatment of obesity and diabetes

Stefano Falone, University of L'Aquila


12.20 p.m. - WP REP-EAT

ESR6: Gene-Environment interactions in Eating Disorders and Obesity and their relationship with the reproductive functioning

Claudio D'Addario, University of Teramo

Liborio Stuppia, University “G. D'Annunzio” Chieti-Pescara


ESR8: Evaluation of endocrine disruptors effects in animal models and their impact on consumer.

Michele Amorena, University of Teramo


ESR12: Valorisation of alternative, healthier and environmental compatible food production chain relying on typical sheep breeds in Abruzzo Region.

Pasqualino Loi, University of Teramo




12.40 p.m. - Partnership Agreement

Valentina Russo, University of Teramo


12.50 p.m. - Abruzzo Region and Rep-Eat Project

Sabrina Saccomandi, Abruzzo Region


13.10 p.m. - Advisory Board constitution and Supervisory Board determination


13.10 p.m. - Lunch






University of Teramo - Via Renato Balzarini 1 

64100 - Teramo (TE) - Italy  - Private Area


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