Procedures for Rep-eat thesis Defence

4th February, 2020

Procedures for Rep-eat thesis Defense

All the Procedures and deadlines for thesis Defence have been published ( 

Of note,  these defence procedures could begin only if:


   - the mandatory research productivity will be documented

   - the 30 ECTS  will be certified.


This mandatory outcomes  will be assessed by 1st June 2020 (for ESR1, ESR2, ESR3, ESR4, ESR6, ESR7, ESR9, ESR10) and by 17th July 2020 (for ESR5 and ESR12). 


Finally,  ESRs who will not reach the mandatory outcomes  may request an extension to the Project coordinator in order to access the thesis defence using subsequent deadlines.

Further details can be found in annexes.



Documento in formato Adobe AcrobatDR N.31 - 27 JANUARY 2020(109 KB)

Documento in formato Adobe AcrobatDR N.36 28 JANUARY 2020(111 KB)






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