8th International Symposium on "Delivery of Functionality in Complex Food Systems"

Porto (Portugal) 7 - 10 July, 2019


This series of Symposia have managed to gather, throughout the years, an interdisciplinary team of scientists from different research areas (food science and engineering, biophysics, applied soft matter, food technology, applied human nutrition) and very different proveniences (from academia, industry and young researchers) and places around the World.
The Symposium will be developed in three main sessions, addressing different aspects of "Delivery of Functionality”:

  1. Food Structures for Delivery of Functionality
  2. Safety and efficacy of delivery systems
  3. Healthy food design: is multi-functionality the right way forward?

Programme: https://www.dof2019.org/program.php
For more information: https://www.dof2019.org


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