• Poster presentation “Effect of graphene oxide inc mammalian spermatozoa membrane lipid remodeling”; Annual Meeting of Doctoral Programs in Molecular and Cellular Biotechnology, L’Aquila 23 rd February 2018;


  • Oral presentation “Graphene Oxide’s effect on the interaction between spermatozoa and fallopian tubal cells”; National congress 64º GEI-Italian Society for Cell and Developmental Biology (11-14 th June 2018);


  • Oral presentation “Characterization of the interaction of graphene oxide with the mammalian sperm membrane; NanoTech France Paris, France 27-29 th June;


  • Poster “Graphene Oxide drives capacitation dependent membrane remodeling in mammalian spermatozoa”; ESDAR Cordoba, 27-29 th September





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